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100% Commission for Realtors®

Is there a contract to sign?

No long-term contracts. You are an independent contractor and a separate business unit. You will sign and welcome package with regulatory forms and you will be ready to start earning 100 percent commission.


Are there any Minimum Sales or floor time required?

No, If you don’t sell you don’t pay. How can I get paid? The same day of closing! whether it be a rental or sale deal, you simply send your documents into our office and when the file closes and the title company funds Future Option Realty, the broker will pay you instantly via direct deposit into your bank account.


How much is the errors & omission insurance?

No monthly fees, only a one-time $100 at the time of closing. It’s per transaction. Again, you don’t sell you don’t pay. Is that simple.


Why is Future Option Realty 100 percent commission?

The greatest compensation plan in the market. You only pay a flat fee for every sale or rental you make. You keep 100% of your hard work earned commission.

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